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For Sale Pair of Beyma 12XA30ND Dual Concentric drivers with Crossovers

Things you have for sale.
Pair of VERY lightly used Beyma 12xa30nd drivers, AND High Quality Crossovers.....These were used by Clayton Shaw in "HIS" EP 2.7 They are head and shoulders better than any of the 12" coax drivers used by Underwood in the EP after he bought the brand. The drivers alone are 1500 for a pair, figure in the 2 way Crossovers using high quality parts with upgraded Auricaps and you would be looking at 2K easily. The Drivers have super LOW HOURS use, I have 8 different pair of speakers and these rarely get put in the mix. They sound amazing but my room is to small for 48" TALL speakers.........

asking 900.00 plus shipping

I have shipped MANY drivers in the past with NO ISSUES. Payments accepted are Paypal Friends ONLY, Cash, Check, Money Order.......Drivers ship after payment clears

Crossover point is 2k and Clayton suggested the Bass lowpass be approx 150 Hz..................................

Links to more info:


IMG_20231102_115841102.jpg IMG_20231102_115850713.jpg IMG_20231102_115906856.jpg IMG_20231102_115924417.jpg IMG_20231102_115932639.jpg IMG_20231102_115942160.jpg