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Greetings all.

After 10 years in Sunny muggy Florida, we're moving as this place is quite Dead. Florida was not my move of choice but this move will be. We are planning to move to the Denver area and I have to decide what should be brought.

I have a large DIY line array system. Some of you know the Furybox subs I use. I'd like to bring the system but I am concerned that there may not be any work for it. I'd like to get it into a meduim sized club. Any ideas?
I'd hate to give up 3 years of work and success to build a truly pro system, that has run alongside big name systems for big name acts, that I will probably never be able to replace.
It's currently stationed in a club at about 250 per nite since it doesn't have to move.

The decline in Florida along with the already low wages and high unemployment has wiped us out but we're not in debt thank god. Another issue is the rising crime rate and laws that prohibit one from protecting oneself and actually now benefit criminals and their families. Flying the American Flag has become politically incorrect here and is frowned upon, if you get my meaning. We have been able to survive while watching most of our competition fail but there is a point where the battle is lost and one must fall back to keep fighting and contributing to the whole, or face certain annihilation.

Any thoughts on temporary housing, work/trade, or other necessities to get started there would be helpful. We are going to buy a used truck outright to double as storage for when we first get there.
I am a building maintainence person with lots of tools, A sound engineer and live system repair wizard, video editor, as well as drummer/guitarist.
I freelance for other sound companies as well and am often called in on emergency troubleshooting and repairs of touring systems.
She's a web wizard, video/graphics editor and a bass player.
We are both quite interested in self sustainable living, as well as practical alternative energy.

It'll be a tough move but there is absolutely no viable future here. I need the colder drier air as well. I keep imagining mountains in the clouds to maintain my sanity when I'm driving, what does that tell you?
We've been there a couple of times and we have a ton of reasons why we picked Colorado.
I did ask in the pro sound forum but the competition in the pro sector is fierce and nobody is going to offer any positive advice in an effort to keep guys like me out.
We're coming ASAP, despite hell or high water!.

Any thoughts or ideas via email would be graciously appreciated.

Scott MacAuley
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