oversize power transformer

Greetings: I built the Pass BA-3 line stage using the Salas shunt regulated power supply. I gather that the current rating is what the transformer is capable of, in case that current output is needed.... I know that I could have used a a 25 or 50 VA 20v transformer but I got a 100 VA Antek..... 1.2 A.

So, my question is, if I install a 400 VA 20v transformer with a 12 A capacity, an overkill I guess, but will it produce any issues?

Reasons for considering this: Have read over the years about the virtues of having oversize capacity transformers in audio. Allen Wright recommends or mentions it in his book. Also from experience, In the 80’s I had a PS Audio IV preamplifier which got a lot of accolades, sounded pretty good. Then this upgrade from the factory came about, an oversize transformer. It really changed the sound presentation for the better; better controlled bass and a more defined soundstage. Had it for many years. Thanks!
Power transformers dont have a sound, they may effect the sound if the they arnt big enough and cause premature clipping, or if the PSRR is poor. The only reason I can see for a preamp maker to send an "upgrade" is the original was underspeced. If the amp was designed properly, The only difference your new transformer will make is to lighten your wallet. Your kinda saying Nelson didnt know what he was doing.
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