Over the top ebay listing

Don't some of these ebayers smoke your ***?

My current favorite listing is for a Dynaco stereo 70 amplifier that was listed for a buy it now of $700 earlier this morning but since then has lowered the buy it now to $650. Now isn't this a deal?
Wait!!! The owner even says on his listing that the bias won't go below x.xx volts meaning there are caps needing replaced and probably output tubes also.

Isn't there someone among the members that needs an overpriced Dynaco needing tubes and coupling caps for $650?
Surely we could help this guy out and take it off his hands.
Otoh $700 today is worth more or less what $300 was a couple of years ago. Classic amps are obviously more immune to inflation than $.

If we were not spoiled by cheap Chinese amps i wonder what kind of competition would the ST70 have at the $700 level. Yup, i also paid $150 for mine but that was five years ago.