• WARNING: Tube/Valve amplifiers use potentially LETHAL HIGH VOLTAGES.
    Building, troubleshooting and testing of these amplifiers should only be
    performed by someone who is thoroughly familiar with
    the safety precautions around high voltages.

Output transformers in Australia/NZ

I've googled this before and found the following from 2010:

"Basil at Howick Transformers made me a couple of valve amp power transformers (4 windings, about 125VA) and they were around $100 each - good value in my book. His phone is (09)2738033. Works out of his garage. Brian Smith in Foxton (Coley st) does audio output transformers. R.I.P. Bill Farmer (the undisputed king of one off transformer creation)"

Not sure whether these people are still around. I have been using mains toroids as output transformers as they are reasonably priced with free shipping from RS/Mouser etc but at decent power outputs they only suit low primary impedances unless you use two in series, and there are some other limitations you need to keep in mind.
To anyone in Aus or NZ - is there anyone in this part of the world making output transformers that are any good?

I've been using Hammonds but it occurred to me there must be somthing more local... or maybe there isn't?

I've looked at NP Acoustic and there's one problem: outputs are 8 and 16 ohm, nothing with a 4 ohm output.

any good? :confused:

You have one of the best Tube/Hi End transformer makers in the world :

Semi retired since 2012, he won´t take new winding jobs but he has a large stock of the best of the best, most with free accessible multi windings (as in 6 to 12 sections , go figure) so they can be configured to match *anything* and I mean it, from SE to push pul in a bewildering amount of configurations.

Sit comfortably to browse through his AMAZING site, chock full of data, it will take hours.

You have been warned :)
Black-Art Audio Melbourne. Excellent products.

Their website is terrific right now, they're selling cows, American Flags, small children, and the Golden Gate Bridge (apparently some users have reported portability issues with this item).

Do you know if they have a standard range of off-the-shelf transformers like Hammond, for example, or are they more a manufacture-to-order operation?
It's always been a good website...hehe.

No off-the-shelf products, all custom made. Lucas prefers to see the circuit the transformer is for and he winds it to specifically suit the application whether that be power transformers, output transformers, chokes et cetera. Saying that he does have some standard designs that he adjusts slightly to suit the application as required.

It is not ever a rapid turn around, expect to wait a while, but the product is genuinely excellent.
I wanted to buy a pair of £150 30watt Hammond SE OTPs but the shipping from the US to UK was almost £200.
I decided to take a chance on a pair from China for which the seller was charging £2.99 shipping.

1pcs Z11 Stalloy 25W Single-ended output transformer For Tube 300B KT88 2A3 | eBay

Douk Mall are selling the same one for about £120 inc shipping.

Of course 'quality' may be lacking, particularly at low frequencies but I am building a parallel SE amp to dive the mid/hi panel of my speakers so LF response is not important.

Francois G

Paid Member
2004-06-16 8:36 pm
To OP, you may want to check TME in Europe for their Toriody output transformers. I don’t know their shipping practices or cost to “Down under” but they currently ship packages under 5 kg to the USA for $9.90.

I bought several pairs of Toroidy’s in the past and the quality is great, shipping is fast and trouble-free. I usually receive the my transformers within 3-5 working days in central USA. Last night (as part of their “Bluemoon” discount) I bought these KT88 SE outputs for US$81.58 each, shipping included. Note that a pair of these transformers will exceed the 5 kg limit, so I bought and paid for two singles, that would be shipped individually.

TTG-KT88SE TOROIDY - Transformer: speaker | 40VA; O115x65mm; 0.01/56kHz; 250mA | TME - Electronic components

P.S. I have no connection to TME or Toroidy, just a happy customer.