Output stage on amp


2005-04-21 10:37 pm
Ok. First and only question is about output transistor. This shematic is orginal and has only one pair of output transistor. It's drive about 120 W in 4 ohms but it also can drive 160 W in 2 o.hms.
Now, is it posible to add one pair of output transistor. Power disipation wil bee far lower on every transistor and there will be little more gain on output. Which modification must be made ,if this can be done?


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I don't know what the diodes are doing.
But they are connected to the power rails.
So so do not need to duplicate them.
I just ran an SOAR for one pair MJ15003/4 and your amp is struggling with this loading. For 2 ohm resistive you need about 15mF+15mF smoothing to keep the ripple low enough and must keep the output case temp below 28degC to be right on SOAR limit.