Output OP Amp for a DAC


2006-04-04 11:24 am

I just bought a dual(double) AK4490 chipset DAC from one of the shops at Ebay. I powered it up and I played music via the SPDIF input, everything seemed to work well and it really sounded better than my older blue board DAC based on the AK4396 chipset I bought about few years ago.
The board comes with 2 single opamps based on NE5534. Each DAC uses a single op amp as output filter and I already have a unity gain tube buffer that I can connect to this op amp. This op amp I understand is really not too bad, but I think there a few better options available. I am considering these options:

Op amp
1. LME49710
2. OPA627
3. LM4562, too smooth but neutral?

Discrete Amps
1. Burson Single V4

Any inputs, comments and recommendations based on your experience are welcomed. Thanks in advance.