Output Mosfets


2002-08-10 4:21 pm
Anyone can suggest me good and cheap mosfets to use as audio output devices, suitable for paralelling, with a complementary pair if possible ( N = - P). I just give it up on using the IRF640.
TO-3 and TO-220 types are better for me, I just don't have any TO-3P heatsink, and have lots of TO-220 and TO-3.

I really apreciate any help!
the 2sj50 and 2sk135 come out only in TO-3 metal case and are very expensive. There are equivelant MOsFETs from Hitachi in TO-3P plastic case which I used once and are at the same ratings as the above. I don´t remember their code.
2SJ612 ans 2SK1058 but I could be wrong.

At very cheaper price you can get the IRF or IRFP from International rectifier Or even cheaper from Harris.
The most famous are IRFP240, IRFP250 and the IRFP9240 and IRFP9250.

But have a different pin lay out then the Hitachi.