out board power supply connection

g,day all

Just about to build an outboard power supply so i can easily switch between my different fw clones with a simple plug in/out

I have a few questions regarding the best lead to use to connect the power supply case to the amplifier case/s
i,m thinking a 3 or 5 din plug with standard 3 core mains wire

any suggestions/advice would be much appreciated

rgds Sheafer
Just read Tinitus,s thread
exactly as was suggested there
also should i keep the rails for each channel seperate?
i,m using these power supply,s
they have 4 seperate rails so if i,m correct i can use the one transformer and still have a sepetrate rail for each channel of the amplifier
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2005-11-24 1:47 am
Just read Tinitus,s thread
exactly as was suggested there

..... and the speakon connectors for power out to the amp case

I don't think Speakon was suggested
and the Powercon are for mains voltage

but you might be able to use Powercon safely, by 'reversing plugs'

meaning, a powercon cable would have normal mains plug in one end, and a Powercon female at the other end
and the box will have a male chassis plug mounted
thats the mains cable

so if you amp box have a fixed output cable with a male connector
and your power supply output have female chassis plug

this way you cannot connect any other way than the intended

hope I got that right :p

with one hatch :clown:
a Powercon female chassis plug is actually intended to be used for mains out from a box :t_ache:
guess what's this ......


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