OT..good dumpster diving lately!

I'm pretty happy with my dumpster finds lately. My buddies laugh at me all the time but.....

1 week ago I found 2 weed wackers in a dumpster. An Echo and a Solo..each worth $250us+. Each only required a $20 cutterhead to be mint!

Today.. A 400Mhz, 10 gig, 256 meg ram Dell latitude notebook with 2 psu's, battery, CD rom, and 3com ethernet/modem. It was raining today. The guy at the dump laughed as I poured the H2O out of it. I dis-assembled it, stuck it in front of my dehumidifier for a few hours, and proceeded to install XP just fine! It probably just needed a bath!

fellow diver here

People throw out amazing things in Boston. Particularly people who
move out of apartments into into houses. I picked up a pair of
Salamander designs cherry stands, as well as a maple dresser (which
needed refinishing) and a leather office chair.

In need of audio stuff? I'm more than happy to give away parts
to feed other peoples' projects.

-- Jim
avid dumpster diver.

I attend an engineering university and here we have amazing trash. i was inside of a fume hood which was inside of a dumpster salvaging 1/16 inch sheets of stainless steel. I was stoked until i let one go and it landed on my leg. For the squeemish i recommend not clicking on the attached image. I am still going back to get that metal!


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