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OSCON SP Serie Caps for Sale


Paid Member
2002-10-30 11:57 pm
Canada, Qc
Hi guys. I got my hand on a stock of OSCON caps. I spent a lot of money in the past for these great caps. I got a lot of each.

The SP series with OFC lead wire suitable for audio. For specification, please visit http://www.secc.co.jp/pdf/os_e/2004/e38.pdf

Model @US
220uF/10V, 1.00
56uF, 25V, 0.75
220uF, 6.3V, 0.50

For example I just bought 180uF/20V at U$4.50 at parts connexion :confused:

Minimum buying quantity 30 pcs (mixed values ok). And for quantity orders, 5% off for order over $50 and 10% off for $100.

Paypal only. I'll give you the shipping cost once I know the quantity and the destination.

Bye ;)


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