Ortofon SPU version ??


i have a damaged Ortofon SPU pickup which comes without a case, it seems to be original this way (have a look to the attached image).

Maybe someone can give me a hint which type this is and if it is still available.
Could it be that this was a replacement part for the SPU GME version ??

Thanks in advance (also for so much other information from this great place)



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Hello Frank

It most certainly looks like a replacement SPU unit. The stylus is spherical and identified as 17 microns radius which is slightly different to that specified for the current production SPU Classic, 18 microns.

It may be worth getting a quote from Reto Luigi Andreoli in Switzerland, the bloke who makes the "Magic Diamond" cartridges. His FAX number is

+41 1 803 1308

SPU's are his "thing"

Thank you for your information Brian,

i will ask Reto Andreoli by fax.

I also found a picture from an GME type cartridge which suports my guess about the replacement part. In this the generator looks exactly the same and the connection to the included transformer is soldered directly to the pins of the cartridge.

So it shouldn´t be some of the "rare" caseless SPU cartridges i read years ago in a magazine.

Thanks again