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Ortofon Rondo Bronze

Still cleaning out of my cartridge stash, to make room for other diy projects :)
This time the former flagship of Ortofon´s Rondo series, the Rondo Bronze.
Just retipped by Hans-Peter Grasse at Techne Audio in Germany.

Home - TechneAudio

Just played 3 records to make sure, everything is in perfect order. It performs flawlessly and as original tracks 80uM with 2.3 gram stylus pressure (2-2,5 recommended):
It´s retipped with boron cantilever and ML stylus.
Neutral, tipping to slightly warm, lovely midrange and superbly defined high´s.

Selling for 500 Euro´s (paypal, family and friends) and I´ll carry the shipping costs.


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Thanks Bill.......
I´d recently got an "itch" about different riaa´s :)
Playing the X-Ono clone, building Nagards SX-Ono. Paradise, Broskies PH-1 and several others just lying on the shelf waiting, and the funds have to come from somewhere :)
The retipping was 330 Euro´s + shipping, so this should be a decent price (hopefully) :)
Hi Boydk, we are in the same ship, plenty of parts, but unsatisfied and getting more, this hobby is a waste of money....
Maybe with patience you will get a boyfriend to your Cartridge.
Maybe you wanna swap it for another thing.
Best Regards from Spain
Sorry friend, I did not want to be interpreted as such, quite the contrary, as I have communicated with you privately and we honestly could not reach an agreement, I understood that the best thing for you was that you keep your excellent Rondo capsule. Now when I saw your post again on the Swap list, it seemed the most correct and I agreed to tell you, assuming that we had a communication link. I see that you are having a bad time and anything bothers you, I feel sorry for you friend. Good luck with your listening.