Orion Ztreet Z05000.1D

I have not seen one of the these amplifiers posted on here so I figured I would post some photos and hopefully get a question or two answered.

This amp uses P65NF06's in the power section and 10ohm Gate resistors.

Can I use IRF3205's as subs?

The audio section uses FQP19N20C with 10ohm gate resistors in the audio section.

Can I use IRF640's or IRF640N? I have both.

I have a batch of MM74HC02M from a JL1000/1 I had worked on. Would this work? I am unsure which one to order I have attached a photo for comparison. I am unsure of the difference between the 3.


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The part numbers are similar but different and the comparison tool on Mouser is showing different specs. I am referencing the photo attached.

No. of input lines and No. of output lines. 74HC02D, 662 is showing 4 output and 8 input. I assume it is different than the other 2 I am not sure.

The one I have is a MM74HC02M.

I dont have any experience with this IC and the last batch I ordered I copied from the part number taken from your JL 1000/1 page.

I have minimal experience dealing with logic level stuff. Most of my experience has been with the Generic Class D Type 3, Type 7, and 8 as that is what I encounter most.