orion xtr800


2008-03-25 2:20 pm
could anyone tel me please what the output fets on the above amplfier should be please
a friend of mine bought one off ebay and someone has replaced the power supply fets and removed the output fets but failed to put in new ones
apart from this the amp looks in good condition

p.s ive been in the miscellaneous folder perry but i cant a close up of the fets model number

They use 2N6488s and 2N6491s. They are not FETs. They are BJTs (Bipolar Junction Transistors).

The 2N6491s have their emitter resistors connected to the positive rail. The 2N6488s have their emitter resistors connected to the negative rail. Look up the following folder if you don't quite understand. Look at the waveforms in the last photo. It shows the rail voltage. Remember that you can right-click and zoom in.