orion hcca 250r schematics

i have this orion hcca 250r that has about 12 fried transistors. i got this amp off a friend as a project and was hoping anyone out there can get me a schematic i need the transistor numbers and also if anyone has a 250r for parts i'd be willing to buy it off you. i need the braces that hold the transistors against the heatsink. i'd appreciate any help, thanks
250r schematics

hey there! theres about eight from one side and four from the other. can't give you any specifics as to wich exact ones are missing, i'm kinda new at this stuff so i apologize for the lack of knowledge. all i can tell you is that they aretowards the center of the amp.
i will look up the designated numbers and will have them for you tomorrow regarding the transistor placement, and also in your opinion, is this model amp worth the trouble considering all thats wrong with it is the transistors, basically what happened to the amp was that the power wires accidently touched to the ground wire
If you think the amp is worth the effort, lay out the drill pattern on a piece of 3/8"x3/4" aluminum stock. Center-punch and drill all of the holes. Clamp the drilled aluminum stock to the heatsink and run the drill into the holes to mark the center of the holes on the sink. Remove the clamp. Then drill and tap the heatsink. #6-32 screws will probably be the best choice. For the holes in the clamp, a 9/64" drill is what I'd use. For the sink, you'll have to use whatever's suggested for the #6 tap.