Orion 5000 HCCA

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Orion D5000 HCCA

Hello everyone

The story is the protect light was activated the amp was repaired once. Then It was supposedly triggered again by being installed in a trunk that was not water tight. Now it ends up here with me :grumpy:. Nothing particularly stands out so far upon visual inspection. There was a jumper that appears to have fused to another. These stand up cards could have placed the IC's (drivers maybe?) in direct contact with water if it was laying in it and shorted them. There is no schematic available I'm sure but I want to think it may be minor. I'd hate to remove a lot of components for nothing.

Who knows..... :eek: With power protect light comes on and amp flashes steady in what appears 1 second intervals. Anyone here have experience with this lady


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When you power up the power led comes on momentarily then goes out the protect led comes on and the esp led begins to blink steady. When you release power the power led comes on momentarily goes out and the protect led and esp led both come on steady with no blinking for a maybe 3 or 4 seconds. Then the esp led starts to blink again a few times while the protect led goes out and then it stops blinking and goes out the power led comes on again and then slowly fades to off. :crazy:
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The best way to determine if the supply is trying to power up is to monitor the DC voltage on the rectifiers or the rail caps. Even a very brief chain of drive pulses will cause the DC to surge in the rail caps. If the voltage in the rail caps never changes, it likely means that the supply is not even trying to power up.

The driver IC for the power supply is on the vertical board in the power supply section of the amp.
It's protected from what I've read. There have been threads on it in this forum.

I'm going to need the DC voltage on all pins of the SG3525 on the driver board. Do not short between the terminals. If you cannot get to all of the pins with straight probes, make one of these:


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