Orion 12500.1DSSPLX

All of the transformers have lose windings on them and you can hear the High pitch squealing very loudly and can also hear it through the subs .

I know it’s not recommended to put silicone or epoxy on them is there another way of curing this problem ?
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so just power ,ground,remote hooked up place red probe on output filter inductor (fet side ) and black probe on amps ground terminal and see what the frequency is ?

Here’s some pics of the inside of the amp .


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Power supply is the same I touched the gate leg of the fet and then one winding of the transformer and it measures 64 kHz

The winning in the sub is the same whining as the transformers are making .

If I twist them a certain way and touch them with my finger the noise stops

So wondering what I can do to fix this issue since when the noise stops you can’t hear it thru the sub either
I looked up some notes for the bamf amp and the frequency was 66k so that's not as far off as I though. For the power supply, that would be very high. Probe the gate leg or gate resistor to see if you get something closer to 25 or 30kHz.

In some instances, you can simply pull the loose windings over the top of other windings to quiet them. If, as a last resort, you have to apply some sort of fixative to them, only apply small amounts where absolutely necessary... as a last resort.
I tested the frequency of the audio reading again and is still 64 kHz

Retested the power supply 3 times and it is at 34 kHz

I moved the windings and the noise went away but if I bump the amp at all the noise returns .

I will have to adjust the windings to see if I can get the noise to go away completely even when bumping the amp
Resistance from rca shields to ground terminal of amp :22ohms

Using the amps ground terminal as reference the is no dc voltage on the rca shields

I noticed when it powers up there is about 1 volt of dc on the rca shields but goes away when the relay clicks on
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