oriented structural split straw board (OSSB)

Hello DIY gang

Has any of you out there heard of this product oriented structural split straw board (OSSB)? It was last seen on the net about(?)6 years ago and deemed quite suitable for speaker cabinet construction. The company using it was called David Audio, sound familiar??? I would like to know if anyone can shed light on this product?
After Googling a few sites, it does seem an interesting product. As of last year a manufacturing plant opened in China. Apparently there were problems with the manufacturing in the early days until they figured how to split the strands rather than crush them. It seems more like an OSB product and not that well suited to box making. Could be wrong though.

Hello Cal
Thanks for the interest, I am waiting on a reply from the link I contacted. The Wheat Kings of the prairies should be happy with this product, but the straw bale construction folk will be impacted by loss of availability! My last search on this hinted that this product was less brutal on cutting tools in comparison to partical board and MDF but still a structurally strong material! There also remains an argument between MDF and plywood on how well these perform and the differences I think are so slight deeming then non consiquential. After bracing and panel damping are applied the argument seems to end there. I find it ironic, that Price and weight seem to mean little in these arguments sighting voids in plywood causes buzzing noise and the lack of grain structure of MDF flexes too much! IMO, if I build a box using all of the bracing and damping methods with a product that is lighter, cost less and is also a recycled material, I think this is a good thing! However, until I get samples and try for myself I will remain open minded on this!