Ordering from Hypex?

I cant seem to get their prices in USD, also does anyone know if they give some kind of quantity discount? I have never really had anything shipped from Europe what is VAT? Some help from someone in the US who has ordered from them would be greatly appreciated! sorry if these are dumb questions but the website is kind of confusing to me. Thanx in advance
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2004-06-14 2:26 pm
oPossum said:
The US distributor is Adire Audio

VAT (Value Added Tax???) is only for parts of Euorpe.

Ordering them from Hypex is cheaper than from Adire audio it seems. Adire audio does not indicate whether they ship the AD version or the standard version.

If you order at Hypex and you live outside Europe, than no tax is added. You may have to pay tax in your own country when customs inspects your package and decides you have to pay tax. In many cases, I don`t have to pay anything additional (living in Japan).

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2004-02-13 3:35 pm

I think brokerage fee's will be added by TNT shipping at the border. What that might be I can't tell you, shouldnt' be too rediculous though?

Use a currency converter to get you a ballpark figure and add a good margin of comfort for all your duty/border charges.

If you can order everything from them at once you're a little ahead of the game as far as things like brokerage fee's go.