Oracle pwr supply mod advice

A friend asked me if his Oracle MK1V (I believe) could be improved with a better power supply. This table has an AC motor which runs off of a wall pack which puts out 12.75 Volts AC no load one amp rated. I told him that a higher current rated transformer with snubbers would probably sound better. Ouestion is how critical is the voltage here? I am not so concerned about the motor but the electronics. I have several suitable transformers laying around but both put out a little more than 12.75 volts. One is about one volt higher while the other is about a volt and a half higher than the stock wall wart both are rated at 2.5 amps. I dont want to damage the associated electronics with too much voltage and I have no idea if increasing the voltage would cause speed problems either. I see speed as a less likely problem as line voltages vary so that would have been an obvious concern to Oracle. I just do not have any info on the electronics side of the table so am hesitant to let the voltage creep up too high. Anybody have any experience with these tables? I would have less concern if it were my own table as I feel I would probably be ok with a 13,75 Volt transformer at 2.5 amps rather than the stock unit at one amp and 12.75 Volta AC. But it is not mine so I figured I would ask around. Thanks for any help or comments.