oracle mark one not holding speed


2010-10-09 2:23 am
I have an oracle delphi mark one. It will not hold its speed. Ive had it to several local shops in florida and no one will touch it. Ive had it to the local oracle dealer who cleaned some parts of the motor which helped a little. But everytime i turn it on i have tio reajust it. Ive talked to the owner of oracle in canada who said a few resistors could be replaced that may correct the problem. They however dont really like repairing old oracles they would rather sell you a new one. My question is. Does anyone know of a good repair shop that could completely rebuild this motor to like new condition. I know somewhere in the U.S. there is some one who could do it. Anyone know where????? I keep spending money on this turntable but no one has fixed it. PLEASE HELP Thankyou Keith