Options Single Ended Aikido and Balance input of NCore NC400


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2005-01-09 2:32 am
Hey all,

Got my Aikido Noval preamp with 6N1P/6H30, and wanting to go direct to my NCore NC400 that have only Balanced input...currently have Single Ended RCA from Aikido to the NC400 with the neg pin grounded...all ok..

But wondering is it worthwhile to convert Single Ended to Balanced as far as NC400 performance:

* Add Jensen "Impedance Balancing" circuit - I have the attached Jensen Simplified option for Single Ended to Balanced - just add the two caps - four resistors per channel to existing single ended outputs sounds really interesting... Actually just put a 470 ohm resistor in front of the existing output cap of the Aikido and "copy" the other balanced side and go from there...

* Add Audio Transformer 10k-10k

* Add DRV134 (Ghent RCA - XLR) or SSM2142 (I have both)

* Build a new preamp that has single ended to balance


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Common-mode noise is the whole reason for balanced interfaces. Common-mode noise may not only manifest as obviously audible, power mains frequency related, hum. It can be generated by the switched-mode power supplies in many of today's home electronic devices. Such power supplies can produce high frequency common-mode noise, however, that doesn't necessarily mean that it is not then causing audible aberrations of the sound. Because the possibilty of intermodulation.

The Jensen solution is clever. Simple and inexpensive enough to try, while still enabling fully the common-mode noise rejection of more the complex solutions. I suggest you try that and evaluate the affect on music.