Optimal Techno sub...

Hi everyone!

I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this question, but here it comes :D

What's the optimal size of the sub for Techno, Trance, etc. (fast transient) kind of music? I know someone who has a 2x12" vented subs, but fast music (techno, etc.) sounds like cr*p on it (the drum is delayed and it sounds terrible). It's quite good for Rap and R&B though, but I don't care about those. I just want the drum and the base to be heard (heh, at 150bpm ;) ).

I though of maybe 2x8" or 2x10", but what's the best in your opinion. It's gonna be vented, coz the quality is better than closed.

theimperia said:
It's gonna be vented, coz the quality is better than closed.

In most cases vented vrs sealed is a quantity vrs quality thing. Myself i like lots of quality so build TLs or aperiodic boxes mostly.

I also always like to use a pair of woofers push-push (and stereo if i can). In terms of bass quality, usually the less stresses a woofer is the better it will sound. so a pr of (good) 15s is going to outdo a pr of 12s, on & on. But a smaller woofer usually has a better HF performance making it easier to blend with the high range speaker... so as you can see you have to juggle all sorts of things (including busget)

I've finally accumulated enuff drivers for my next sub project. 8 12". I'll give up half the volume displacement to gain small box size and push-push-push-pull to maximize the quality i can get out of the vintage extended range woofers.