Optical output Denon DVD-2900 Suggestion


2006-03-07 5:32 pm
Here is my configuration of my equipment.
Denon DVD-2900
Yamaha CX-1000 pre-amp
Onkyo M-506RS

1. Denon DVD-2900 to Yamaha Pre-amp is thru optical audio cable.
2. From Pre-amp to Onkyo is a pair of RCA cable.

My understanding that the Denon 2900 will digital signal (0 an 1) to the pre-amp Yamaha and it converts them to analog and then send them to the amp Onkyo.

In this case, if the Denon 2900 IS MODDED, it is no going to make any improvements since the unit send digial to the pre-amp anyway. Therefore, moding Denon 2900 is not going to make sense.

Any suggestion about this?
There is no "secret". Just a schematic (even that is not that necessary), some good dual OpAmps (LM4562 worked fine for me, others might work as well for you)... but if you use the digital out, there is nothing you can do easy. It might worth changing the XTALL but I didn't feel the urge to shell the money for that.

I like my SACD discs (and some DVD-A) and optical out will kill that super definition...
If you don't feel the need to mod the analog out, try first the stereo mix analog output - it has better components than the surround one.

I don't have the 2900, I have the 2910 and 2930... and HDCD decoding is a nice extra.


2006-03-07 5:32 pm
Digital vs Analog

It's good to compare Digital from CX-1000 vs Analog from Denon DVD-2900. Yamaha CX-1000 is an high end Pre-amp of that time when it came out.

The Denon DVD-2900 can play SACD but HDCD. HDCD is popular outside of the US but Microsoft owns the format (it is interesting, isn't it?) vs SACD is owned by Sony which is kind or sort of popular in the US.

I don't think it is very much different between 2900 and 2910 in term of design except the firmware.
If you publish your works on DVD-2910, it may help me to go tru and changes on my 2900's or the other users may contribute addtional changes as well.