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I just bought one of the low end OPPO Blue Ray 3d players, the 103D. It has a number of USB ports. What I want to know is if I can use the USB and connect my laptop with the ripped music and use the OPPO as a USB DAC as a way to get the ripped music into my system.
I do have a stereo USB DAC made by ifi, the IDAC. The chips in the OPPO should be as good or better, it would be easier to do, and I shouldn't have to worry about the 5V power and could cut those wires and just use the data wires to keep it quiet.
I tried to find this with the search, but after 2 hours I have given up.
Thanks for anything you might pass on. I am brand new to ripping and truly do not know what I am doing. Since I didn't need to know this stuff, I don't. Now I need to learn it.
as far as i'm aware the USB ports on the OPPO are one way and you can only connect such things as powered HDD's. the OS on the OPPO does not allow it to act as a computer.

what you can do however is copy your music files to a self powered (desktop) USB HDD with your music files on it and then use the OPPO as a file player but you need to have it plugged into a TV to be able to scroll through the music files. even a USB thumb drive will work.

ripping CD's is easy just google 'how to use EAC'
I found something in the manual. It says that the HDMI port on the front (next to the USB) is MHL (Mobile High-Def Link) and is capable of accepting Hi Def from a smart phone with an adapter and charge the phone.
I tried attaching my tablet with its USB cord and while it didn't get a signal through that I know of it did charge the tablet. I don't know if it sends signals out the USB and I didn't have the OPPO on the TV screen to look at the menu. But since there are 3 USB ports and only one is needed for WiFi I would think they are inputs of more than WiFi, which is a lot of signal.
The OPPO controls the volume and acts a lot like an audio processor and has HDMI in which is unusual for a Blue Ray Player.
If I can get this thing to be the USB DAC it would solve a lot of problems, like the inputs to the active crossover. I guess I could use Y connections and have the OPPO on one side, the IDAC on the other.
Once I get some stuff ripped I will find out for sure I guess. To bad there isn't a help line to call OPPO.
your first problem is you need to plug your OPPO into a TV or computer monitor to be able to set it up and use the features. without doing this you would be as well playing CD's using the remote.

the smart phone port is just that for smart phones and you need the app on your smart phone to be able to use the feature.

BTW the OPPO is a fine CD player so why even rip the CD's unless you want the convenience of files. but to do this you need a USB thumb drive or a self powered HDD. 64GIG thumb drives a peanuts to buy these days.

i have said it in the other thread but i will say it here as well. forget about plugging your laptop/computer into the OPPO but instead concentrate on ripping CD's on your laptop to a portable drive such as a USB thumb drive then plug that into the OPPO.

you are going to give your self a headache and run round in circles trying to plug a laptop/computer into the OPPO when there is NO NEED TO. the OPPO is a better file/cd player than your laptop will ever be so use the OPPO as intended.
One of the main reasons I wanted to rip was so that I could just choose tge songs I wanted to listen to, but you are right, ripping onto the PC and using a thumb drive makes the most sense. The OPPO is connected to the TV, I think when I was fooling around with the tablet my wife was watching it, and I didnt get a chance to try it again before I posted.
I guess I have a laptop shaped door stop, it isnt heavy enough to use as an anchor.

Thanks again,
i know i have been a bit forward but sometimes it takes someone to make you realise and if i seemed a bit rude i do apologise. ooohhh and the OPPO is a fantastic player, i have had my 93 that still has ISO support for a good few years and it just sits there doing its thing day in day out without fuss :)

if you get stuck learning how to 'rip' cd's just ask and i'm sure that the forum will point you in the right direction. its easy once you have set everything up.
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