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hmm selling for 10 cents on the dollar, what gives?

my experience says never buy/rent test equipment until a test procedure is thought through. The stuff I tend to do, a spectrum analyzer and/or O-scope come 1st. Cant have too many bench DC supplies. otherwise not many folks need the accuracy of a high dollar bench DMM. Fluke handheld will get the job done 9.9/10 times
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In addition to what everyone else has said, I would add the following.

For about the same price you can get an HP34401a meter.
Keysight still services them and parts are readily available and
cheap even through Keysight.

With Keithley if anything happens you are basically f 'ed,
out there on your own. Hope you have some big $$$$ and
ample time to wait on parts 2 or 4 months. No Schematics are

Hope that helps.
Meters; buy HP and the new names for them. Fluke for the hand helds.

Scope; Tektronix. Some of the newer China made DSOs look interesting but I have no experience. And only because they are so cheap if they fail, oh well.

Spectrum Analyzers; HP and friends.

Lots of the older gear is very good and some of it is better than today's new. But, the old stuff doesn't have USB or isn't digital so no one wants it. makes it cheap.

Just like old audio gear, no remote, must not be cool. Still better than most of todays mid-fi junk.

I bought a Tek 7900 series mainframe with 500Mhz vertical modules and similar horizontal modules from a local cal lab. This is a fully calibrated unit. $75. One of the best analog scope on the planet....
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I have a number of meters. I have one of the Keithleys and its working quite well. The THD function also works pretty well. Its not a replacement for a full audio analyzer but fine for most work. The price is very good. Repairs if sick may not be easy but on any of these 6.5 digit meters repairs are not simple.
The calibration on my Keithley is within the 1 yr. spec as far as I can tell and its close to my other two 6+ digit meters. its residual distortion is also within spec so I'm happy.
Its got a lot of complex features which make it a little steeper on the learning curve, but not as much as an HP345X or Fluke 8506A.
Hello I am late to respond? I have one of these units from that source and if I didn't know it I would have thought the unit is new! The Keithley 2015 is still in production and fully supported by Tektronix. If this tells you anything I will be getting another unit from them and I will be getting a 2015P as soon as funds allow. They have the same init for $350. without the handle and bumpers. When these units are gone I would bet you wont see these again, this nice at this price for a long time? I also own the HP 34401A and the Keithley's quality is on par with the HP. The 2015 is an asset to the audio bench with the 2015p even more so. This is a great buy in my opinion, Best Regards
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