Opinions sought on Heatsink rating (see photo)

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I to build 2 x 2 channel 30W Aleph's - which I understand means each channel will draw 100W. I have eight of the heatsinks in the photo and would like to use 2 heatsinks per channel, ie 50W.

Each heatsink is 10cm x 10cm x 10cm and the weight (OK, mass) is approx 700g.

I am thinking of mounting four on top of each two channel amp - possibly with some lightly forced air coming up through holes under each heatsink.

I have no data on these heatsinks - any bets on the heatsink rating (C/W) and hence operating temperature???



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rule of thumb

Hi Nix,

There is a rule of thumb for heatsinks, which can be found here:


Basically, with natural convection you can get 1deg/W cooling with a heat sink 500-800 cc's, and bigger heatsinks are more effective. For yours, I'd ignore the center section, and add the 2 densely finned wings up. They look like 10x10x3 cm to me, so for both, you would have 600cc's. This is within that range, so I'd guess they are at least 1deg/watt or a little better. So, dissapating 50 watts would give a rise of 50 degrees at the heat sink. Add in the thermal resistance of the junction, insulator, etc., and you will get the junction temp.

Cheers, Dan
Thanks to all for your thoughful responses.

Nelson, your reply was so almost Haiku, I had to finish it in the traditional format (seventeen syllables written in three lines divided into 5-7-5.):

I see a heat sink
One point five its rating be
With a breeze, halved

1 deg C/W or lower should be OK - so some small fans (possibly thermostatically controlled for faster warmup) should do it.

I am thinking of a layer cake design:
Layer 1 - Transformers & rectifiers & fans
Layer 2 - Pi filter (caps & chokes)
Layer 3 - Driver electronics
Layer 4 - Heatsinks & output devices

Looks like it will be about 300mm cubed. Alternatively, I could do a wedding cake and put some air between the layers :)

BTW, I paid US$0.35 each for the heatsinks :D

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