Opinions Required

Hi, I've been reading the forums for a while trying to get back into some construction but due to a lack of free time I've decided to consider an amp module to save and time and cost for a Sonotube project.

This is the module I've been looking at that was recomended by another member. The module seems very good value for money that will require a small amount of work to give me a working amp.


Does anyone have any experience with these modules?

Can ony one recomend an alternative?

I sould say the the amp will be driving a Volt RV3863 driver which will take about 400watts and is an 8 ohm load.

I would consider a kit etc.

Thanks m0cea


diyAudio Member
2004-02-25 9:13 pm
burbeck said:
hi there,
try these http://www.williamshart.com
the john linsley hood designs are great, these kits are of high quality, i have no connection with this company but know the amps very well especially the jllh 80w and the jlh phono amp

No good for a sub though or at least not unless your power requirements are modest and/or your using very high efficiency woofers such as PHL's etc.


If you go with the LT I discussed in my email, you'll need quite a bit more than 80w for healthy listening levels.


diyAudio Member
2004-02-25 9:13 pm
Also Mark,

If it were my money, go with the Exicon TO3 amp.

Actually its probably too good to use just for a sub but then again the Volt R3862 is a bit special itself.

Use an LT with these and you'll wipe the floor clean for quality and depth...

...or your money back :D

EDIT: I meant the Volt R3863 but you get what I mean ;)


2001-02-04 4:23 am