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Hi all,

After much deliberation and watching the posts on this excellent forum have come up with this as my next audio project.....

3 way, fully active.
Tweeter is Scanspeak D2905/9300
Sub Bass is Peerless CSX 257
LR Transforms tailor the tweeter and sub bass LF ends.
LR4 filtering at 80 Hz Sub/Mid and 1.5kHz Mid/High.
I am considering Rod Elliot's 55W amps. Can anyone recommend (or otherwise) these ?

What do the group think would be a sensible 6.5"driver for the mid-bass ?? It needs to be flat to 80 (ish) Hz in a sealed Q=0.7 enclosure.
I reckon the Vifa P17 WJ looks best so far but am open to suggestions. Peerless CSX 167 / HDS 182 any good ??

The remit is that the tweeter & Mid/bass combo need to be able to perform on their own in a monitor type situation as I will make a pair of surrounds with them at a later date.

I'm after a 'musical' system - something on the natural / easy listening side of the fence rather than the highly analytical / super accurate.



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Not exactly a popular idea but depending on your cross over your mid will give the most info or the most info inside of your best hearing range. Think about putting it on top but make sure your tweet is at ear level or very close. For your side firing woofer I personally would try and work out a passive radiator to fire towards the wall. I just have a thing about PRs but they do work well in a smaller closed system that you want to act and sound larger than it is. A 12" PR is good for an 8" woofer and you can make your own with a suround, a masonite circle and some big washers you can glue on for weight. If you have a speaker repair shop you can do this in a speaker basket and have a tube between the spider and the panel that you can put weight into. As far as your driver choice goes I bow out, as I have never used them and have know idea what the rest of your system is. Synergy in a system is very important. Work your way into your drivers and then into your crossover. Nothing wrong with starting a step or two down as long as the specs fall into the window your looking for. If you have ever seen one of those perfectly clear moonless nights that if you lay still staring into the sky and all of a sudden you can see where you are in space amoungst the stars, that it what you want in your listening space. In one case the earth disappears and you are floating in the galaxy, In the other your room disappears and you are in the space created by the recording. When it goes from 2D to 3D you are getting close. The bad and sad but fun thing is that you will never get there. Enough musing for me.
Oh, copped a couple of Fishers today....500C and a X101B, some days things just fall into place.
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