Opinions on which amp?


2014-06-02 6:15 pm
I have been toying with the idea of building an amp for sometime now but funds and time have been a problem. At the time I was talking to some excellent forum members about the F5 and BA-3 but since then I see the Aleph J and F6 have come out. My speakers consist of Polk Audio SDA SRS 2s, Kappa 8s, Klipsch Forte 1, and Paradigm Studios 40 V2. My pre is a Adcom GFP-750 and my source is either my Emotiva XDA 2 or DAC Magic.

My current preference is between the F6 and Aleph J with a slight edge towards the F6 because that current transistor kit is in stock.

Past experience includes rebuilding a few Dynaco ST-70s and building a Aikido Octal tube preamp that will finally be finished the end of this month.

Any guidance on which direction I should go would be greatly appreciated.


2003-05-24 9:23 pm
Boards for the M2 are also available. It is a favorite of several members. Of course, there is also the BAF2015 mu follower with Schade feedback...

You don't need the transistor kit for the F6 since matched output transistors are not required. Matching is required for the Aleph J, though, so the transistor kit could be helpful for this amp.

Most would probably agree that you'll be happy with any of the offerings, though it's hard to build just one...