Opinions on this standard Szekeres Schematic + Please Check My layout

Hello to all,
I just stumbledupon this amp, somehow havent ever looked at the solid state library of headwize, it seemed simple enough, and there were enough opinions on it (good and bad) to make me want to try t for myself...
The schematic is straight from Szekeres' project on headwize, but if anyone has suggestions about the values, or any additions that would help, i would love to hear them. The idea however, is to retain the simplicity of the design.
I have also read that this particular design is very sensitive to layout....im not sure what constitutes a good layout in the sense that what should be close to what etc etc but i have attatched an image of the board that i designed, can anyone tell me if it is ok, and how to improve it...
Thank you all in advance,



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