Opinions on LM3886 amplifier kit

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It doesn't look like any of those boards follow National/TI's recommendations for minimum decoupling on the LM3886. I'd expect to have to do some rework to make it work well.

You can read my thoughts on decoupling of the LM3886 here: https://neurochrome.com/pages/supply-decoupling
Without both the 10-22 uF electrolytic and the 0.1-4.7 uF ceramic capacitor in the decoupling network (plus at least 470 uF bulk capacitance where the power enters the board) the LM3886 will tend to oscillate at high output currents.

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They may be fake chips.
Those are common in Chinese supplies.
Build your own from genuine parts.

And it is a mono chip, so you will need one chip per channel, more than three I think.

Or buy a kit / assembled unit from Tom Christensen (tomchr) above.
It is not a chip suitable for a first build, and Tom has done a lot of work to improve the standard design, so at least I would buy a trusted item, rather than an unknown item.
I have no ties to Tom....

Or look at other designs.
Like TDA7294, and 1943 / 5200 pairs, again see the semiconductors and capacitors are best quality.
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Am pretty happy with a cheap kit that use fake chips, sounds great.
But if Tom have something improved that will suit my need for a 8 channel amplifier why not.
Tom can you provide us with link for your units?

By the way I was thinking to build some class A with 100w per channel or more, was thinking about Aleph 2 since seems there is no schematics for XA versions.
What do you think, is it best option?
I think you should be clear about what you need.
How big is your room, and so on will decide how much power you need.
Speakers, wall treatment and placement?

100W is too much for most rooms.
It looks like you read too many articles, and decided that a 8 channel @ 50W / channel is right.....yes, for a small concert hall, not a regular size dwelling.

Please , again, get you requirements clear, and then come back for more advice.
You ignored my comment about needing more than three amps for a 5.1 setup, that told me you need to be clearer in your targets.

Tom has done some really good work on the 3886, and has earned the reputation of being an authority on that chip.

Have fun.
Sorry I skip your comment because I thought you made a mistake, I thought about amps from Braddock link but somehow didnt mention it.:unsure:
Toms boards seems pretty pricey even with discount, I would need 250€ for boards only so think will buy more single channels from ali. I already have 4 and use some connex smps.

Yeah I need about 7-9 channels.
Probably will mostly use about 5 channels for satelites and subs from Yamaha directly but let them be ready.

Its for outdoor movie nights, with 6m wide screen and up to 10 people.
Speakers should make too, ribbon tweeter and some good mid?
Would assume by now there is 7.1 boards with needed amplifiers
available on one board.
Dont have links. Seems feasible at least.

Or numerous discrete 2 transistor output amplifiers
which would have slightly better thermal range.

As with Tom's kits you guarantee authentic chips.
And a fair amount of care and good documentation
of the circuits.
Including composite amplifiers for lower distortion
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I found on Aliexpress such a ready-made stereo amplifier kit on LM3886. Does anyone have experience with this board? Is it a good option for building an amplifier?
Your link is to facebook, so you have to copy the link text and use that instead. The fact that URL links and the displayed text are two different things is used by malware, but I think this is just a sloppy mistake. See the actual URL on the bottom of the browser when you hover over the link.
Note that some of the similar amplifier boards do not come with LM3886 chips, and there is an availability problem.
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Leave it, OP has read too many articles, wants hi fi outdoors on movie nights, and cool / warm sound in a muti channel setup with speakers not yet built and as we all know, speakers are kind of important.

An open air amphitheater has quite different acoustics than indoors.
OP thinks 3 channels are enough for a 5.1 system.

Go through OP posts again, and decide if it is worth arguing with his or her opinions.

We have a prominent politician here, who is a figure of ridicule for his strange way of saying things....and it seems he has peers in other countries as well.
Good entertainment, if you like wtf type humor...
Genuine, if you think the prices for Tom’s boards are high, time to do some math on what 8 channels of 100w ClassA would set you back - just the heatsinks alone …o_O

And while I don’t think I mentioned it earlier, I’ve got a total of 5 channels of ClassD (Hypex and IcePower) in my my home theatre rig, where they do a commendable job, but having had the opportunity to play with one at home a few years ago, if money were no constraint, it’d be Modulus 686 all around.