Opinions on ER Audio Acorn MkII

Hi there. Ive been a member for ages but this is my first post.

Want to ask about people’s experience with ER Audio speakers. But first a bit of background…

Recently got my hands on a pair Quad ESL63 speakers. Only had a chance to run them properly last weekend, and OMG I was blown away. My other speakers are Monitor Audio PL300ii so nothing to sniff at. But the Quads besides bass kick and extension are every bit as good as and in many aspects better than my Monitor Audio speakers. I couldn’t stop listening to them I was so blown away by the music being made by these wolf in sheep’s clothing. I messed with positioning for about 10 minutes and everything just clicked. The speakers energized the room, I could play LOUD, the bass reproduction was fast, textured and detailed… I don’t need to go on about the other aspects of the sound quality of the Quads as they are well known… suffice to say I was mesmerized by the 3d imaging just hanging in the air in front of me… I suspect the speakers are a great match for my room and equipment. I have 2 amps but the one that brought them alive was the Synthesis NYC100 valve amp. It’s a beast of an amplifier, it’s like having 2 refined 100watt mono amps in one 60kg package. The grip, extension, dimension and speed of the music being played just shocked me. (I’d disagree with using low power amps with Quads, quality amp first but then quality power really makes them come alive - I know they can only handle so much power, but it’s not about having a sledge hammer to crack a nut, it’s about dynamics and speed) My room is 6m wide x 5m deep, with an opening in the back wall into the kitchen, and side wall to another room, and the speakers just energized the room to the right degree. Just synchronicity…

Anyway, getting to the point, I’m obviously falling deep for my Quads and wondering how far I can go with panel and electrostatic speakers. I’ve obviously been reading about electrostatic speakers intensely since the weekend and I’d like to try something larger without going over the top.

Quad 2905 and 2912 are on my radar, but Ive been reading about the ER Audio speakers. I’d love to hear from anyone who has a pair and has lived with them for some time, and get their impressions of the speakers and if they’re happy. Especially if they have the Acorn model.

Looking forward to hearing people’s thoughts.
The Acorn is a kit, and the implementation of its frame/base/grille/damping, which plays an important role in further elevating its performance, is limited only by the builder's imagination. Personally I have been very happy with my Acorns, but I have lived with them for not a very long time, and they are still going through design changes in grille and damping (very likely the frame too in the near future).

On paper the Acorn does look promising: Ultra thin/light diaphragm for the mid/treble, adjustable HV, durable diaphragm coating, acoustically ideal configuration, etc., and there's a simplicity to its design that, upon consideration, apparently comes from years of experience and is really well thought through. In practice the Acorn fulfills its promise as a true full range, fully electrostatic design at an extremely high level. If 30 Hz isn't enough, Rob has been working on some innovative sub-bass panels which, when finalized, should be pretty easy to add to the existing Acorn system to further extend the LF.

As a kit the Acorn is inherently very repairable should such needs arise in ten, twenty years. The owner is equipped with the factory instructions and, with Rob's support, factory materials.