opinions on a 12at6 headphone amp


2007-09-08 4:32 am
My employer told me to remove my stereo from my office. Now I'm forced to listen to a-holes talking all day. I need a headphone amp to drown out the BS. I've got a few 12at6 tubes as well as some 12ax7 tubes lieing around. Would either of them be sufficient to drive 80 ohm headphones to a maximum of 100 mw?


2007-05-20 1:13 pm
Download the datasheet for the Burr-Brown BUF634 and build the headphone amp on page 9. Very good sound for a few bucks. Mine is still on a solderless breadboard...

P.S. Any of the op-amps listed will work fine, but try to use the AD825 for the first stage. Far and away the best sounding op-amp for audio to my ears.