Opinions On 5.1 Layout


2005-05-17 4:44 pm
Hey guys:

What's your opinion on this 5.1 home theatre layout?

5 x TangBand TB-871S Drivers (0.2 cu. ft. box with 1.1" dia. 1.375" long port)

1 x Lightning Audio P2-10-4 Driver (4.5 cu. ft. box with an unknown port [yet])

1 x Parts Express 70W Amplifier (to power the subwoofer)

1 x Panasonic XR-50S 6.1 Dolby & DTS Receiver

The 5 mains'll be @ about 65 dB SPL, and the sub'll run about 5 dB hot.

Change the sub to a MCM 50-6266. It's a new buyout 150 watt amp for only $49 USD. Use it with a low Qts sub in a smaller sealed enclosure to compliment the 5db of boost it has built in.


An Adire Shiva or Peerless XLS (10 or 12) would be an excellent sub to pair up with this, and have deep bass and a very small enclosure.

For other options, the Hi-Vi B3S or Aura NS3-193 are also great drivers, and maybe better than the tangband.

The Panasonic receiver is an excellent choice. Digital amps of that style are the future - Powerful, small, efficient, inexpensive, and great sound.


2005-05-17 4:44 pm
Really this is completely suited for my experience. This is my first DIY project and it is perfect for what I plan to do with it. Since i'm using a 70 watt amp, the sub is perfect. The W3-871s are actually a great driver for their price. Full-range 87dB/W/m and only $15 a piece.