Opinions about Caddock MV series power resistors

At the moment I don't know the price. These resistors are not available in standard resistor valus but are made to the resistor value the custumer specifies. For my AlephX I need 60 of them so price is also important. If people recommend these resistors I was willing to ask Caddock to send me an offer.
Peter Daniel said:
I think that those resistors are pretty expensive. One alternative would be using 5W Mills wirewounds. I've only heard good thing about those.

Good resistors and good people.

When I was doing computer repair at a small local computer retailer, two guys walk in with a couple of dead computers under their arms. They filled out the service order and handed it back and I see it says "Mills Resistor." I'd known of them for a number of years but since I'd never purchased any wasn't aware that they were located in Sacramento and just a couple of blocks from where I was working.

I became acquainted with them and got the 25 cent tour of the factory (just a 2,000 square foot "Buzz Box" in a light industrial park). They were rather puzzled why audiophiles would like their resistors so much seeing as they were using the exact same materials and manufacturing methods as most everyone else.

At the time they were rebadging their stock resistors for Sonic Frontiers and AEON (well, AEON was custom in that they used a white coating instead of black). Since then however they started using non-magnetic end caps and leads as well as aluminum oxide cores.

As for the computers, in their spare time they scavenge old computers, fix them up and donate them to local schools.