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argo said:

Before you start swearing, do a little google and you'll find


P.S. Newer heard about him before either but isn’t he yet another reviewer who’s musings you are free to believe or leave?


OK, I wasn't aware that this is called "swearing" in your part of the world. Apologies.

On your P.S.: Read his achievements and promises, and so far I don't see anything that sets him apart from all the others with lots of experiences and tons of promises. I guess time will tell.

But I must say I respect the man for the guts to start another magazine right here and now.

Jan Didden


2002-05-17 8:48 pm
It's easy to become an expert.
Just follow these steps:

1) State your opinion on EVERYTHING (whether you have one or not)
2) State it LOUDLY
3) State it repeatedly
4) Be sure that you look down your nose on whatever is the accepted fashion to look down on (solid state electronics, op-amps, controlled tests, Chinese vacuum tubes, etc.)
5) Make sure others know of your SPECIAL ABILITY to hear things that no one has ever heard before.
6) Make sure EVERYONE knows you have only the finest taste in automobiles, wine, food, art, and music.
7) Make sure everyone knows of your extensive knowledge of rare automobile mechanics, rare wine vintages (preferably French), gourmet cooking (which little bistro in provence makes the BEST truffle sauce, and at what time of year, and the chef's name), impressionist painting and sculpture, opera, modern dance, and of your many years as a professional concert pianist/cellist/conductor.

Or, do it the easy way and make lots of posts here. I have made 90 or so and I am already a "Prophet"!

You will know you have arrived when people want to pay you money to express your unbiased opinions in high-end audio magazines.