opinion about this "tb" tweeter


2005-05-17 4:44 pm
pretty good choice for a tb tweeter...i use tb w3-871s full range drivers in my ht system and they are insane (value wise anyway). it's always good for it to be ferrofluid cooled as well. they're sheilded so you can use them near a computer or television. there is a built in chamber behind the driver to create "sharper" highs. a good sensitivity is useful on a tweeter as well, and this one has it. a good range and a neodymius magnet finish off this driver that is suited for anyone looking to make a 2 or 3 way loudspeaker system.

oh and by the way, a better information page is at:



2004-06-11 8:20 am

"But I think if you cross above 3k, it might not matter than much."

it's true,but i want use it from 1.5khz with a 24Db/oct filter(activ)
that's my problem......
and with the caracteristics from the TB site it make a bad choice..
otherwise if someone know a good tweeter in this range of price
to use in a nearfield studio monitor ........??
have a good day