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    the safety precautions around high voltages.

Opera Consonance resitor question ?

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I've got a Opera Consonance PM-1 two box phono stage that hummed a bit - finally pulled the cover off the power supply and noticed a very burned resistor on the bottom left corner of the PS board ( this is right below where the board says 250V) - lower left with the back of the unit facing you. The North American importer will not provide schematics - this wouldn't be a big problem since opera does print parts/values right on the boards under the individual components. Unfortunately this resistor got hot enough to melt thru the board down to the fibre in the middle and of course completely toasted the resistor it's self - no makings left on it. I desoldered it and it now measures 638 ohms - given it's abused condition - not sure I should trust this ? I believe the cause of the failure was that somebody in assembling this product cut the transformer leads a little short and eventually they wore thru their insulation and shorted under the board. So - if anyone's got one of these -could you look at this resistor for me and tell me what's printed on the board directly under it ? It's series dropping resistor connected to one of the leads coming off the toroidal transformer.
Don't try to go thru the importer, they are only interested in selling the product line. What you need to do is write directly to the manufacturer...E-mails I've found usually get zero responses. It's the classic perpetually "busy" telephone, this is just the modern twist....."Leave a message".
Businesses that are run by a Wing & a Prayer often have a non-responsive or non-existent "customer assistance". If you do get thru to someone & they respond & will still not release schematics........responding with "Who then is your 'approved' service outlet?" If the business has not got its' s*** together they will stumble in their response. Either way they will have to cough up a schematic......either yourself or some shop....Hope the "approved" shop is not to far away.

This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.