Open baffle with new Vifa NE180W


2010-10-26 4:54 pm

At now I run very, very good box speakers - Jamo D450, with high class heavily jamo modified vifa xt woofers and xt25 tweeter. I would probably never buy a comercial speakers again, because there would be not much to gain over jamos(exept maybe Jamo R909 :D). I heard these actualy in very awful room, there was not even a chair to sit down so i listened standing, what can I say, speakers was amazingly beautifull...Ok, I was actualy amazed about bass level and 3d even there, and thats wat I need the most. I have in-depth knowledge in acoustic treatment and sound proofing so that will help me too.
So, I would like to build simple, passive open baffle speakers around Vifa NE180W driving full range with some 100-150uf cap in sieries and small, good neo tweeter. I cant decide about bass woofer, as i want them run with 2 stereo tripath amps and i could adjust the bass level. I am believer of absolutely siplecity so active xo is definetly not for me.
Vifa is acceptable on axis, at 10, 15 deg it starts to roll off at 6000hz, so here is the main question. If I use vifa in these 10-15 deg, can I cross tweeter at 6000hz with single cap?



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At first i seriosly thougth about scanspeak discovery 10f, but as I wanted a slim baffle for mid and high, 10f would probably roll off already in 300hz and that is not accepable crossover frequency for me. I would like to cross as close as possible to 100hz, does vifa vill go deeper than 10f?


2010-02-08 2:55 pm
The easyest way is to coppy somebodys project where fullranger is used, but I just wanted to use some extend range midwoofer with nattural rolloff and cross high with simple x overs, use full potencial with midwoofer and helping on top and bottom.

Take a look at the Peerless 3". They are cheap and work well in OB designs, close to 100Hz.

I have them in my Diminui build.
Take a look at the Peerless 3". They are cheap and work well in OB designs, close to 100Hz.

I have them in my Diminui build.

I really liked the new Vifa drivers, and was a bit amused when I realized they are practically the same driver as the Peerless! The spider is the same, the cone is the same, the motor is the same. The only difference is the basket. The T/S params are different due to a higher RE

The Peerless is cheaper IIRC