Open baffle with B&C 12PLB76


2005-02-08 5:14 pm
I would like to use this driver in my open baffle active speakers.
How low (hope around 80 to 100 Hz) can this driver play in such design?
If the driver is not apropriate i will use closed box. Any idea wich setup will sounds better.

Thanks for help.


2006-02-16 10:49 am
Upon modeling it, it appears to be more of a large mid than anything. The desired frequency extension you mentioned above would be difficult to obtain even with a vented alignment, much less sealed. Sealed enclosure would be extremely small for this size driver: around 0.325 cubic ft (9.2 liters) for .7 Qtc and 0.8 cubic ft (22.7 liters) for .5 Qtc. -3 dB should be around 160 Hz. The manufacturer's provided specifications suggest an EBP (Efficiency Bandwidth Product, Fs / Qes) of 208.3. Hope this helps give you an idea. As far as OB is concerned, this probably resembles the opposite of what you'd normally want in a driver for open baffle use.