Open baffle design

Hey guys,

I plan to build the HATT-MkIII ( ) very soon. I already have the drivers and the crossover parts but I have not made the enclosure as yet.

The woofer is the Seas L12RCYP-H1207 -

The tweeter is Seas 27TBFG-H1214-

Since I have the drivers sitting down just looking pretty I was wondering how they would sound in an open baffle configuration.
I have a few sheets of plyboard laying around so I figure I can conjure up something fairly quickly.

So what steps do I take to getting an open baffle system up and running?
I have no clue so I need some help. Do I just throw the woofer on a 1 foot wide piece of wood?
What are the design steps that I need to take?????

Thanks all



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2005-11-24 1:47 am
At first you would think that it would be best to make it the same size front as the original, but it probably wont work so good..."bass" will rolloff very early upsetting the BSC from the original
To compensate this a BIG baffle might actually work better...BUT then you might get problems at higher frequency
But you have the drivers, so nothing wrong in trying

Wonder how this would work...tweeter is mounted on a small baffle hanging in a open hole in woofer baffle, supported by rubber O-ring or some kind of thread
Drivers will be wider apart, which might present a problem
I suppose you will use some kind of additional woofer(sub)


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