OpAmps to drive HD650 from AK4399 Vout DAC

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I''m building a DAC based on AK4399, which is a high performance Vout DAC. The pcb has two stages of single channel op amps.

In the first stage, I found that OPA827 work best - no need to change them.

I'm wondering if anyone here can recommend op amps for the second stage to drive HD650 ? I'm using LM7321 because they are rail-to-rail and can handle an unlimited capacitative load and have 65mA output. I've also seen AD8510 can run on the +/-15V supply, can tolerate some capacitance, and have 70mA output. Are there any others that should be on my short list to try ?

Here's the circuit, however, the 620R are now 220R to get more gain.


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