I'm just learning about making amplifyers. Here is what I have come up with using information from the datasheets, and bigmike216. The input power will be about 18V. The of each channel will first go thru the DRV134, and also a preamp that has not been decided yet. What all changes will need to be made?


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first off, the voltage will be + and - 18v, before rectification.. ;)

When I have the pcb's made, it'll be easy as pie to assemble it, won't have to worry about how to wire anything :)

do a forum earch about bridging, also search for opa549 and drv134, there's a ton of information.

Talk to me on messenger or something and I'll help you out


2001-06-01 4:53 pm
neutron7 said:
if you must use a decoupling capacitor, use it before the DRV because any difference in capacitance will result in different low frequency response on the 2 sides of the bridge. then you will get asymetric output at those frequencies affected
Why would the capacitance be any different? If you're referring to the tolerance of the capacitors, it will be a very minor effect on frequency response.
But there should be a capacitor, and resistor to ground, before the DRV134.