opa2211 SO-8 Powerpad Exposed Pad

Hello all,

I have an upcoming project where I would like to implement a good bipolar buffer output stage. While I could use the opa1612 for this, I would rather use the better opa2211. I've used the mono opa211 SMD on a single-to-dual browndog adapter, but I need to use dual-channel SMD op amps for this project.

Unfortunately, the opa2211 only comes in SO-8 Powerpad configuration. The best I can tell is that this is exactly the same as SOIC-8, but with an exposed die pad on the bottom of the package. Illustration is shown in Section 3.3 of the following:


Sections 4.2.2 and 4.2.3 display the operation of this exposed die thermal area.

My question is if anyone has experience using this opa2211 op amp without a thermal/solder landing area for the exposed pad? What are the possible problems with this? Since this would be for buffer output stage, I do not foresee the circuit having a large gain on the negative feedback, so I don't expect a lot of heat generation here.

It would most likely be +/-15V (30V total). I'm not sure on the output current. Thanks for the information on "running hotter". I've done more research and actually have decided against the 2211 and will be using the opa1612 instead for the following reasons:

- opa1612 supports 45ma full output current (which could be useful since it's an output buffer stage driving unknown amplifier impedance/loads). The 2211 supports 45ma on the negative waveforms, but only 30ma on the positive waveforms.

- opa1612 does not do capacitor-loading in the block circuit like the 2211 (which supposedly reduces audio distortion).