OPA2134 or OPA2604

Well, I've made a preamp to use either of these opamps (used a chip socket) and was wondering what peoples thoughts were on these two, any preferances between the two? I'm planning on sticking one and not changing, since I probably can't tell the difference (am used to very crappy equipment), but was wondering if any could tell the differences and if either one was "better" in any ways.
Thanks for the reply though, I checked it out and noticed the comment on the OPA2604 needing more juice, so I checked out the spec sheet at TI, and it seems like it'll like anything from +/-15V to +/-24V, while the OPA2134 only likes up to +/-18V (pretty close to the -17V of my power suply), so I think I'll feel safer going with the OPA2604 regardless. Thanks again.