OPA2107 availability


2004-03-08 9:47 am
I just tried the OPA2107. It sounds great in my system, but I see it's available at quite a range of prices: eBay- 2/$6, 2/$13, 1/$14"USA genuine, no China material" and 1/$16-18 at Digi-Key, Mouser etc (saw it on Amazon 1/$32!). Got the 2/$6, sounded very good, then the 2/$12, seemed a bit more detailed and open. Question, what's the improvement in SQ (if any) with the "genuine" chips at 1/$16-18?
I get only Mouser coming up as a stockist.
They charge >£10 for one.
By the time Mouser post that to me and I pay DHL for international delivery and then their handling fee for the duty to be collected at the door, the bill for two would be >£50 (~$73)
I won't be buying any.

Choose another difet that is more reasonable in price and available as genuine from a range of reputable stockists.
Try buying direct from Ti.