OPA1632D + LME4562

cmoy is very simple, not at all that great sounding regardless of the chips used. you have some nice chips there, I would forget about the LM and use the 1632s in a balanced build, you have balanced source, I know that, you could basically use a modified IVY schematic without the filter. is this to go after the D1?
well the IVY circuit is a good place to start. but there is also the SUSY circlotron that uses the 1632 and some fets, not such an easy build, and too high power for headphones, but you could modify the output devices to use lower powered jfets or something. I have a few schematics around somewhere that use this chip so i'll see if I can dig them or the links out for you. i'm pretty hectic here at the moment, so might take me a day or 2
yes I have enquired about getting the all fet borbely IV or headamp before he shuts down, but I think I rather get some of his super shunts as i have enough IV stages already and the top of the line IV with power supplies is very expensive. so I put the order in for the high current shunts just yesterday i'll have a dig around for you and get back when I can