op amps

I read the "diy op amp" article from Mr. Pass and I think its great, now I have some newbie questions:)
What does the op (operational) stands for in the title? Arent they something like preamps? Are they used for power amp inputs? Can I place one signal on something like ten opamps and get ten outs, then each opamp gets its power amp (with speaker), and if its possible, what is the negative side of that (Im asking all that, because I want to understand how do they have that done i discos - each amp for each speaker, but how with only 2 channels..?)?



2001-06-01 4:53 pm
The term "operational amplifier" goes back to the days of analog computers - before digital was cheap and common. Differential equations were modelled using circuitry to simulate the addition, multiplication, integration (operations) that were needed.
The one-in, ten-out thing you're referring to is a distribution amplifier and yes you can use op-amps for that.
See figure 18a & 18b (referring to headphones, but will work to drive power amplifiers too) at: http://headwize.powerpill.org/projects/showproj.php?file=opamp_prj.htm